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Butch "RED FOX" Coffee

A true friend to CB'ers everywhere and for many years since the very early 1980s. I think I speak for many when I say Red Fox was one of the best CBers in our area. Butch's health has now forced him to reside in areas where he has family, but his service as a helper on many channels over the years was superb.  
Butch's CB days go back to when he was in his mid 30s and early 40's. He was not always grouchy, in fact, you'd have thought he was a choir boy back then, honestly!  Most everyone in our area knows Red Fox. He was either a roll caller or a roll/supper caller on three different channels. But he would be in there until the last one left, especially after his retirement.

He started out calling roll on Channel 18 back in the early 1980's where most of us had already knew him even then. We had monthly coffee breaks and a great bunch of people would meet at McDonald's in Forestdale on the 3rd Saturday of each month.  Someone would always drop by and pick-up Fox for those breaks. We moved from 18 to Channel 40 where Fox had a very large number of CBers to call out each night. We started things there at 9 PM each night. From Channel 40 we landed on Channel 50 (better known as 27.505) and he finished out his radio career between Channel 50 and his friends on Channel 36. We appreciate Red Fox not only as a CBer, but as a genuine friend. There are only a few that have spent more hours in copy mail mode than ole Fox. Heck, he's even slept on the radio:)

Fox will be dearly missed on Channels 50 and 36, but we also hope his health continues to improve and that he can meet new friends to keep him busy. All that know him, however, know where he'd rather be,which is in front of a radio. But those are things we cannot control. I have found myself writing too many of these goodbye notes in the last few years. We have lost 6 radio operators in the last few years alone.  But after 45+ years in radio myself, I suppose we all hope after that period of time that someone would remember us in a good light. I know Fox will be remembered on the radio for many years to come. He's one that's hard to forget, for many reasons. I think I speak for the people of both radio and those of us who have known Red Fox personally for so many years when I say thanks for your radio service and most of all, thanks for being our Friend!

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East Greenwich, Rhode Island

William (Bill) Todd (U.S.Navy)

WELCOME TO "HEART OF DIXIE CB RADIO"..........NORTH CENTRAL ALABAMA........Please also visit our Facebook Page by clicking the Facebook Logo in the Header.........We are located both North and South of INTERSTATE 22 in the Counties of Jefferson, Walker, Blount, Winston, Fayette and St. Clair................ ....Broadcast frequency is (main) 27.505 MhZ AM and 27.405 MhZ..........Our Website is located at CB5050.WEBS.COM........WEBSITE INFO INCLUDES.....COFFEE BREAKS & HAMFESTS DATES & SCHEDULES............MICROPHONE WIRING DIAGRAM LINKS,.........VIDEO FOR SOLDERING A PL-259 CONNECTOR TO COAX............. LINKS FOR ELECTRONIC SUPPLIES............ PLL LISTS............... VINTAGE RADIO SITES............... 10/11/12 METER ANTENNAS.............. RADIO REPAIR LINKS............. ........POWER SUPPLY INFO...........TOWER WEBSITES INCLUDING THE FAMOUS ROHN TOWER PAGE..............CB RADIO INFORMATION/ARTICLES/PICS.................PROPER CB RADIO GROUNDING ............EXCELLENT ROTOR INFO AND WHERE TO GET IT FIXED..(WE RECOMMEND NORM'S ROTOR REPAIR- DUE TO EXPERIENCE IN HIS SHOP REPAIRING MEMBERS ROTORS)......AND ALSO VISIT OUR LINKS PAGE FOR MUCH MORE INFO....................THANKS TO OUR FRIENDS WORLDWIDE FOR VISITING THE WEBSITE...NOW 57 COUNTRIES AND ALL 50 STATES!!.. AND OVER 180,000 VISITS IN 5 YEARS........................................NIGHTLY ROLL CALL..8:25.PM......................SUPPER CALL...8:30.PM.......................................ALSO, VISIT OUR HONORARY WEBSITE FOR OUR OLD HOME CHANNEL (1990s) @ YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT…….....73'S...... Stream Online Free

LIVE 50 CB RADIO (3/18/2013)

You thought the Shockwave was expensive? Meet Excalibur.


All Teflon SO 239 5-10 kw or 20 kw 7/16 DIN Connector.


4 Ground planes 7/8" with corona ball tips!....100 inches each 

Angle of radiation 15-16 degrees 


Accepts 2+" mast mounting JUST SLIDE OVER MAST.

24-feet Center Radiator

100 mph wind rating

Guaranteed for life....with Proof purchase!

SWR 1.0.1 TO 1.2.1 

WATT RATED  5 k to 20KW....Direct feed ??? 

Tunable but Pre-tuned before shipment!


There is a wait time involved as i am always back logged--->Thanks for your patience.

PRICE: $500.00

SO 239 - 5KW - 500.00

7/16 DIN - 20kw    500.00

DIR FEED-  500.00

Contact Information




To look at their website here on our site, Click Here



Ok musky1963 cool down dude its all good,,i sold them antennas and they posted,it was not a marketing or advertising thing.Would you be as mad if they were talking about a different brand i don't think so, Its always been that way on this forum let em be happy ITS ALL GOOD Theres alot of very happy coily owners that don't even post on here or any forums,I could open the flood gates,,I am very laid back and mean no ill will in anyway,I am just selling antennas....Ok guys if you would e-mail me directly we can work out the differences on the excalibur and hook you up ,,the reason i built the extra large antenna is 5 people wanted an antenna that would take 100 mph and laugh at it and did not want the other one,So i took my enforcer and beefed it up ,,I was not trying to leave you guys in the cold,just building an antenna i was asked to build, it came out so nice i decided to offer it as the ultimate ground plane and it is!! nobody can touch this antenna "Nobody" and if they try i will build it even better,,and the price is cheap as far as i am concerned 500.00 shipped with a lifetime warranty fully machined and completely custom it is lean and mean,not all bolted together and piles of parts,it is the finest antenna far supreme to anything out there and when i decided to do the ground plane thing thats how it has to be the very best! You see i look at it a little differently. A lot of guys are beam guys,i was once not anymore. I don't like to turn my house,i like to talk everywhere when i key.alot of guys are ground plane guys,,i will Run a big azz ground plane any day over a beam and if it cost me a little bit more for the very best ground plane :!: i see no problem with that, E-mail me directly guys and i will get you fixed up...73sss
I am sorry musky1963 if you think its spam :? I build and help people not make umm mad.if i bought an antenna and it gave me 2 S units of gain i would be happy also and posting every web board like a virus,No marketing or advertising deal.just happy customers!I have to run and get to work so everybody be happy,its all about building great products for all the cbers and hammster also.....

Just so its out there in the open i am also building a full wave 32 foot base plane with 9-18 foot ground planes not sure yet and also 1/2 wave no ground plane base for limited areas and tight spaces..anyways,I thanks everybody for all the flowers sorry if my products have created havoc on your web board,but i feel if I sell an antenna and it kicks azz then post all you want. WWW.MRCOILY.COM

ALSO:   .I have been e-mailing and also reading my arrl manuals about coil and matching systems and i was going to go with 30kw gama setup but after many e-mails with a lot of guys i wen't back to my playing field, Big ole Coily, They tune out perfectly 1.1.1 @50-52 ohms and [email protected] =.64 23 feet really radiates's 24 feet without the 2 feet of top hat...Its the almighty ground plane..really impressive! Stronger than ever with the double masting and triple in places..anyway I have to finish up on some mounts so i will catch up with you later...thanks 73sss Coily

I kindly ask that you visit "How To CB Radio."  After finding this site on the web today, I felt the need to e-mail him about such a nice site. A very clean site at that.  He is located in Worcestershire in the heart of the UK.  I have spoken to Carl, the webmaster, by e-mail and he was very cordial in his e-mail reply. He's also going to post our website link to his site, too!  Please give How To CB Radio a gander in return. You won't be dissatisfied. Just click on the website link below. Thanks again Carl! 

Heart of Dixie CB Radio.

What type of CB antenna do you need?


There are a number of different antennas you can buy for your CB radio, each with its own pros and cons. Here is a breakdown:

Fiberglass Antennas: These are built using a fiberglass rod, and are very durable and thus ideal for off-roading. The range you get will depend on where you mount them and what kind of conditions you are dealing with. Average range: two to seven miles.

Magnet Mount Antennas: These antennas attach to your vehicle using a magnetic base. Installation is a breeze, with the downside being that you need to mount them quite high. This can pose hassles when you are driving. Average range: three to seven miles.

102” Whip Antennas: If you are looking for a high range, a whip antenna can give you what you need. They are some of the most powerful CB radio antennas you can buy, but they are also extremely long, which can be inconvenient. Average range: Around 10 miles (sometimes more).

Trucker Antennas: These are more formally known as “center-load antennas.” They are commonly known as trucker antennas because they tend to be used on semi-trucks. The bottom third or so is a stainless steel shaft, with the coil sitting above. The top of the antenna is a steel whip. Average range: seven to 10 miles.

No-Ground Plane (NGP) Antennas: Need to install a CB radio antenna on a boat or RV (or any vehicle without a metal chassis)? A No-Ground Plane (NGP) antenna is what you are looking for. There are two unfortunate drawbacks: they are expensive and they only have a short effective range.   (HODCBR 6/27/17)

Solarcon is only a name and has nothing to do with whom you contact with problems about their products

Things many CB'ers didn't know about Solarcon. 

The makers of the A99 and the infamous IMAX 2000 antenna, as it turns out, has nothing to do with the name of the company that built your antenna.  Solarcon was bought by Tencom Limited. Here is the full story:   

[Tencom Limited was incorporated in 1997, beginning as a producer of CB antennas for the truck stop industry. In December 1999, Tencom purchased the assets of Solarcon, also a manufacturer of CB antennas, as well as a pultruder of rods and tubes. In late 2001, Tencom redirected its strategy toward pultrusion while maintaining its position in the antenna market. At the same time, the company purchased the assets of a local pultruder, greatly expanding its customer base, equipment and total capacity for pultruded products. During the following years, additional equipment has been added toward increasing the company's skills in pultrusion, extrusion and value added services such as machining and fabricating capabilities.]

So in layman's terms, Tencom has a lot of irons in the fire other than making the A99 and IMAX 2000 antennas.  This could account for a lot of the mistakes they've made lately. Just your aluminum mount for the radials being one of them, Mr. Harley Worker.  Here are your contacts for your antenna company and we hope you are satisfied and that we were of help.

Anyone who owns antennas by Solarcon and has a problem, this is your contact, address, and phone and fax numbers.

Tencom Limited
7134 Railroad Street,
P.O. Box 176, Holland, Ohio 43528
Phone: 419-865-5877 Toll free: 888-7TENCOM
Fax: 419-865-9449

Thanks for writing us harlyworkr  (HODCBR 6/21/2017)

Goodbye, Radio Shack, Old Friend! 

Listen (Video)


As most of us know - a power microphone for your CB radio can do wonders. Because a power microphone has its own amplification circuit it can often turn a CB radio with boring audio into a high quality sounding station. For many people who like to sound "LOUD" on AM a power microphone is the only way to go as it gives them the extreme modulation levels they need to achieve that break-through sound.  But a power microphone isn't necessarily a perfect choice for every radio and in many cases it can do more harm than good.

To understand this we first go back to the factory when the CB manufacturer put together your radio. They designed a specific audio circuit for your radio and for some radios they put more effort and time into the design with potentiometers that could be adjusted internally for just the right "sound" and others they didn't really bother with and the audio circuit has a poor design.  As mentioned in a previous article the Cobra 18 WX II was one of the CB's that had terrible modulation and no way to adjust it internally. Adding a power microphone was the only way to make it sound mildly better and that still isn't saying much.

On the other hand you have a Export radio like the Magnum 257. A very popular Export but people always complained about its tiny little toy-like stock microphone. While the microphone was pretty small, its ability as a stock microphone was often overlooked. When I first tried a Magnum 257 I wasn't really impressed with the modulation that I was seeing out of the stock mike, but then a friend told me that the stock mic actually is a factory power microphone. Sure enough when you open it up inside is an adjustment, and once turned up to max the stock mic outperformed every after market power microphone I tried on that radio.  Recently the stock mike / power mike decision really hit home when I was playing around with a Uniden Grant XL Philippines model radio I had picked up from a local. I added my trusty DM-452 microphone thinking that this radio would sound great, but the first reports told me that I was cutting out and sounded awful. I turned the mic gain on the power microphone down to almost nothing, but still it sounded like crap said everyone. I lowered the microphone gain on the radio to the 9 o'clock position and then people said it started sounding bearable but by no means very good.  I finally decided that this particular Grant must have been set up well enough that a power microphone wasn't necessary. Sure enough once I hooked up a stock 5 pin microphone I was utterly amazed. The audio was clear, loud and reports came back telling me the radio was definitely a keeper, boy did it sound good. This really surprised me because the radio was stock, and besides making some minor adjustments to the AM dead key I never would have thought that a stock microphone would match up so well. For many years I was of the school of thought that every one of my radios needed a power microphone to sound "right", but long ago I learned that it's best to try that stock microphone out for a while before tossing it aside. Many times I've found that merely turning up a radio's modulation pot to maximum would make the stock microphone sound amazing and if I added a power microphone all I would get is a squeal. If the time comes when you do decide to add a power microphone the best luck I've had with hand held models are the Astatic D104m6b, the RF Limited 2018 echo mic, and the DM-452.

Remember - the only way to know for sure what sounds best is to give both the stock mic and a power mic a chance to prove what they've got.  Also, every now and then you'll find a great "hot" mic.  These are mics that match-up just right to the radio you've added them to.  The cartridge inside of some mics like this were just of better quality and made to talk. They've also been known to outdo many power mics. If you get one, hang on to it. 


THE WILSON 1000 - 


At 62", the Wilson 1000 is a much larger antenna but it performs extremely well. Installed on your rooftop, you'll likely get between 5 to 7 miles on average and - given the right conditions - significantly more. The whip portion also screws-off at the base, so you can remove the whip to improve clearance while still leaving the magnetic base and coax attached.

The 102" Whip

Hands down the best CB Antenna

When it comes to antennas, the longer the better. We’ve got nothing against the shorties out there, but if you want the maximum range possible for your CB our 102” stainless steel whip should be your first choice. This ¼ wave antenna is a top-rated option that's most commonly found on pickups or off-road vehicles, but can be used on virtually anything you drive. Constructed tough from stainless steel, you’ll want to use a sturdy mount as the 102” is beefy and can really torque your mounting surface. The 102" whip is rated at 7 to 10 miles, significantly further under good conditions. 

    • Hands down the best performing      mobile CB antenna you can buy.
    • Ideal if maximum range and               performance is most important.
    • Built from stainless steel and              designed to last. 



Dubbed "trucker antennas" because they're most often used by semi-trucks, center-loaded antennas have a thick stainless steel lower shaft that makes up the bottom quarter to third of the antenna.

The coil sits above this shaft, usually in a plastic housing, and the remainder of the antenna consists of a long, thin steel whip similar to the kind of whip used in magnet mount antennas.

Trucker antennas have their coil located in the plastic housing, usually located near the bottom portion of the antenna.


Transmit and receive range will vary dramatically based on conditions and the mounting location of the antenna. While trucker antennas will often range slightly in height between 45" and 60", a rough range of 7 to 10 miles is a good approximation of what you'll see from most models.


Of all the antennas (excluding a 102" whip), center load trucker antennas offer the best performance when compared to similarly mounted antennas of the same height. For drivers who can mount them high enough on their vehicles and will use them exclusively for on-road use (like semi truck drivers), they can be a good option.

Hamfests  &  Coffee Breaks

Alabama State Convention

08/19/2017 | Alabama State Convention

Location: Huntsville, AL

Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Huntsville Hamfest Association 


11/11/2017 | Montgomery Amateur Radio Club Hamfest 2017

Location: Montgomery, AL
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Montgomery Amateur Radio Club
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The following companies have taken down their websites recently.

Texas Star Amplifiers 

Best CB Radio Shop   

REDMAN CB  (FCC related)


Jo Gunn Antennas

Sumiton Radio Shack (UPS & FEDEX store)


Homewood Store 

(Green Springs)




The Cobra 135 (above) was a solid performer, in fact, many regarded it's receiver as one of the best in the industry. 

The shape/design chosen for this model was definitely different than any other, but I'll have to admit, it really didn't catch on with me.  

Cobra hit pay dirt later on when they used the same basic design, but lengthened it, and added a lighter face to it - yes, the Cobra 2000!



H.C. Blackwell, Adamsville, AL

(BELOW)  Comparison of some different model Turner Base Mics and mic plug wiring. 

Courtesy Heart of Dixie CB Radio


A PL-259 is often incorrectly assembled, so this video will keep it correct everytime if done this way, and quickly.

Courtesy Wallcott Radio





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