Dedicated to the Preserving The Citizens' Band Hobby
North Central Alabama
27.5050 MHZ

H e a r t   o f   D i x i e   C B   R a d i o  C l u b 

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The clips are of Walker County High Homecoming Parade, the Bands, Kiddy Day Parade, Clear Creek Falls before it was covered by Smith Lake, and Sorghum Making. All these are from Walker County Alabama, all over 50 years ago. Enjoy!


1970-1987 Radio Shack Ads.  (Over 30 Years of Commercials)



If you love CB Radio and the golden days, or if you are just a novice, you'll enjoy this walk back in time through the photographs of Turner Microphone Company via our Website.  Enjoy.  

HODCB 7/6/2015

Known as Happy Christian and WC, Madison Brumbach was a colorful character that resided on our home channel for many years. Unfortunately, he now resides in a nursing facility due to health issues. Not many radio enthusiast loved the airwaves more than WC. He was a great radio friend to all of us. He is now silent on the channel since his living status places him in a situation where he'll not be on the radio again unless something drastically changes.  WC's radio days led him to acquire Vice-President of the Alabama Sideband Association, and was also an active member of many other clubs and organizations throughout his hometown of Jasper, Alabama. ASA is now 40 + years old and counting, with an initial charter filing date of Jan 22, 1977.  WC was an active member of his church and most times actually walked to church on Sunday mornings and evenings. His general knowledge of radio, of all types, was endless. Not just CB. I think he knew where every original license was for each FM/AM radio station in Birmingham and surrounding cities, whether that radio station still existed or not. Channel 50 will miss WC but at the same time we feel honored to say that he was one of us. Many nights he would stay on the radio until the last one left the channel. He was cut from a generation of radio operators that are hard to find these days. Not many born after 1977 can define this love for radio. But we all love it. Just like WC did.

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This picture was from 2/9/2016. This is the last pic taken before tower came down.